Get on The Beach!!

beach infoPanama City Beach is consistently rated one of the top beach vacation destinations in the country, the miles of white sands on our little section of the Gulf of Mexico is the RV camping destination that won't ever leave you disappointed!

As soon as you arrive at Campers Inn and get comfortable at your campsite, the beach is just a short stroll across Thomas Dr., less than 300 yards away!

On your way stop by our store to pick up any beach accessories, or stock up on snacks and beverages to get you through your day on the beach.

Please see our beach access map above, then please take time to review our beach safety to get familiar with the flag warning system and what to look for in order to avoid Rip currents. Have a great time and don't forget the sunscreen!

Beach Access, Beach Safety Information and Beach Warning Flags

We know that getting on the beach is the reason for coming to our area, we want all of our guests to not only have a great time but also to enjoy it safely!




Know the Flags and learn to recognize Rip Currents

Warning Flags

Beach Warning Flags200The state of Florida has established a Flag warning system for its beaches.

No matter where you go in Panama City Beach you will see these flags flying to let you know whether it is safe to go in the water or not.

They are in place for your own safety, so please become familiar with the meaning of each and watch for changing conditions while you are on the Beach.

If you see those red flags flying, stay out of the water!!







Rip Currents

rip signs200Rip Currents are not necessarily associated with flag warnings for more hazardous conditions, they can occur at anytime as tides, waves, and wind change.

What to watch for:

A channel of churning or choppy water, and area of unusual murkiness or noticeable difference in the wave pattern or color of the water, and an area of debris, foam or seaweed moving seaward.

We are providing you this information because we want you and your family to have a safe vacation. The Beach and it's waters are without question a beautiful thing, but also dangerous at times.

If in doubt, stay out! Go to the Pool! Enjoy it another day.






Getting over to the Beach

crossing2Just a short walk...

If you have brought your Golf Cart along to make it easier to get all of your beach gear over on the water side, Campers Inn has a dedicated crossing directly across from our Beach access path.

Just remember you are only allowed to go as far as the end of the access path and cannot drive on the Beach.


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