Campers Inn & Hurricane Michael

January 12, 2019

October 10th 2018 was a devastating day for our area as hurricane Michael made landfall as the 3rd strongest storm to ever hit the US. As most of you have seen the images and news coverage of the destruction, we should all be aware that this area has a long road to recovery ahead.

We were fortunate here at Campers Inn that the damage was fairly minor compared to just 3 or 4 miles East of us where the impact of the storm was far higher. There was definitely a big mess to clean up afterwards. We lost a few trees & branches and had some damage to our buildings & power supply before we could reopen to accommodate storm refugees and repair crews. Which we were able to do in just a few days after the storm.

Here’s the good news…

If you are planning to visit soon, Panama City Beach is in pretty good shape! The Beach looks great, most businesses have resumed normal operations, and the majority of clean up is well under way. Most of the repair work or clean up won’t get in the way of your next vacation with us!

Here at the campground, all of our RV sites are cleaned up, the cabins are ready, and the tent section is still well shaded with every tree still in place!

Just about every campground photo here on our new website are images taken after the storm which does show how truly fortunate we are.  Our reservation desk is back to taking regular reservations and we are looking forward to the return to the normal good times at Campers Inn!

The images below were taken two days after the hurricane, a mess for sure but we had it looking pretty good and mostly cleaned up in just a few days!

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